fitnessgl few but clear rules.

You must be at least 18 years old to use a 24-hour card (24-hour card).

You must show picture ID on request.

If you are between 15-17 years old, you can get a limited card so you can train during the manning period.


15 year rule:

You must be 15 years or older if you want to train alone in the gym.

You can train with your 12 to 14 year old child. The responsible adult must be involved, have responsibility for the child and MUST supervise.

The period is ONLY during the staffing period 10.00-19.00


Børn under 12 år:

Grundet sikkerhed, er det ikke tilladt at lege eller løbe rundt i centeret, hvor folk træner. Alle børn er velkomne i receptionsområdet.


Children under 12 years:

Due to safety, it is not allowed to play or run around the center where people train. All children are welcome in the reception area.

If there are children's teams:

Children are welcome to be in the gym on Saturdays between 10.00.00-14.00, as long as the parents / the adult have the child under supervision.

Quarantine Misuse of membership cards:

If your card has expired, you will not have access to training in the center.

If you let others in without a training card, or because the card has expired, it entails immediate quarantine for a minimum of 6 months.

Violation of basic rules:

Fine or quarantine Violent behavior, racist statements, bullying and other unpleasant behavior are not tolerated at all in fitnessgl.
There must be room for everyone.

Do not use your outdoor shoes indoors. Towels It is now a duty to have a towel with you when exercising.

If you have forgotten the towel, you can buy in fitnessgl. Hygiene For hygienic reasons, all forms of hair removal and excessive use of perfumes are not allowed in the center.

If you have forgotten your training shoes, keep socks on during training. Replacement If you lose / forget your key card, it costs for a new one.

This also applies to the wardrobes in the changing rooms.


If you do not show up for your booked time 10 minutes before time; spinning or yoga, your time is given to it on the waiting list.

Cancellation in case of illness or similar, is made to +299 247 365.

If this does not happen, you will be deducted a fine in the booking system, or a clip in the yoga clip card.